Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the beginning...

No EMT today, no lessons where I am currently at. I stalled out, and went back to the strumming pattern with the E - A - D Major Open Chords.

While practicing I noticed something, no don't think I am just some old man that is losing his grip on reality, because I have seen what is happening once before. Maybe it is just me, maybe others might have had this happen to them, who knows, but it is back, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.


sarge1875 said...

Well Old Man what you're feeling is pretty normal. To answer your questions about the "feeling", yes there is a relationship between your instrument and yourself. It's kind of like a spouse though. One day the feeling is there and the next it's there but kind of isn't. As with a relationship if you want too much from it too soon....and it's not ready to give you more you get a little frustrated and go back to doing what feels right.

What you have started to discover is the difference between playing and practicing. E,A and G is playing. This is where you should practice lesson 9 and finish by playing what you have already learned. One of the things you can do with what you have learned is to take the struming pattern of lesson 9 and use it waith the chords you already know. That way you are learning the pattern while playing chords you know well, but keep dedicating yourself to lesson 9 until you get it done.

As for the few who blow through this DVD remember that they are just a few. There will always be a few that have just a raw natural ability to pick up an instrument and play it. Then there guys like you and me that have to work our a$$ off to get results.

All in all what you are going through is pretty normal.

The Old Man said...

Ahhhh! I knew somehow you would have this figured out... LOL What would I do without you Sarge! So then it is back to Lesson #9 then. Thanx alot Sarge, that clears it all up now! My wife was kinda secretly hoping I was losing my mind though, she might be a little disappointed. :-)

sarge1875 said...

I lost my mind last week but it came back for some reason. Have no idea how or

The Old Man said...

If you find mine, don't give it back to my wife, she will never let me have it back!

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