Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Practice day

Still working on the C, F, & G chords.

C is going quite nicely as expected, and G has it moments, but F is being quite the pain indeed.

I have been switching the guitar back and forth from right to left leg, bending here, tilting there, and am just about ready to hang upside down from the rafters in the hopes of not hitting other strings. LOL

At times I do get it right, so obviously I will need to spend more time on this lesson than usual, no biggie, I have nothing better to do at times. Will just need to focus on my wrist.

Short day for writing, so here is a pic that the wife took of Scarlett Rose...


Lapa37 said...

Cute little girl and I just love her name.Good luck with the guitar as they say practice makes perfect.

The Old Man said...

Thank You very much Lapa37...

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