Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LRAG-BEG - L# 9 & EMT C# 3

Lesson 9 Strumming Pattern #2

We are keeping the G & the D, but adding a new chord this time, the Csus (suspended). I am good with G&D, so now all that is left is to learn the Csus, and then begin the process of practicing the new strumming pattern. This one has some up's in it this time, as opposed to the last one that was all down strums.

Chapter 3 in Edly's (music theory) is on "Major Keys and Key Signatures" I read it a couple of times today, but like last time, I think I am going to wait until tomorrow before talking on it, this chapter has 2 more pages than I am used to, (hahaha) so I would rather wait until I know better about what it is I am talking about, before I come here with it.

And for all those frustrated guitarists with their "perfectionism", here is something that might cheer you up, and let you know that your not alone!

Our latest update...


sarge1875 said...

That F chord will come Old Man, all you need to do is just keep working at it. You'Ve come a long way. The guitar sounds good, nicely tuned ;)

MJK (Mike) said...

Not related to this posting of yours but to acoustic guitars. And I even found somethings that will help the young dude...


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