Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Practice day & an upcoming addition to learning.

Still on Lesson #7, as well as practicing Lesson#6. I think I am going to stick to working on Lessons 6&7 until Monday 11/17/08, before starting out on the new chords in Lesson#8. I will feel more comfortable getting in a good amount of time with the E, A,& D chords before venturing on to new ones. I do indeed know them, but it would be nice to have them good and down as best as possible in the Strumming Rhythm before going on.


I am going to start "Music Theory" very soon. This Friday, when I order "Rock House Wired: Guitar Care + Repair" (DVD) I am also going to order a book on music theory, and run that concurrent with the instrument lessons. Now would be a good time to get in on the "ground floor" of theory whilst I am at the baby stages of dealing with the guitar itself.

I posted a question at the RHM forums looking for suggestions, and getting some answers. I did a little looking around, and I am currently leaning towards: "Edly's Music Theory for Practical People". So unless a suggestion comes along that I find more appealing than that, I imagine I will go with that.

It will give me something more to talk about on "Practice Days" then just the usual "Still on this and that" posts. I can get into what I am learning daily on that front, in the hopes some other beginners might see the usefulness in adding theory to their guitar curriculum.


MJK said...

"Edly's Music Theory for Practical People" - looks like a good book and will need to be added to my rather large Amazon Wish List.

The Old Man said...

I was really impressed with the comments on it: It sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I am not looking to go off the deep end with the PhD road to theory, but more of an "everyday yocal's" approach.

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