Monday, December 1, 2008

Metal Monday

Metal Monday

Every Monday participants pick a "Metal" song, and expound on it. Maybe post a vid for it, or some lyrics, or an opinion about it.

Then you simply fill in the box below with the "Direct Link" back to the page where your submission is posted, and there you have it!

Linking is for participants ONLY, all others will be deleted. You can feel free to grab the code, and post it yourself as well.

So here is ours:

L.A. Guns at the Key Club, (where Gazzarri's used to be...) *sigh*

"Ballad Of Jayne"


MJK (Mike) said...

This is my response:

I love me some Kix...

The Old Man said...

Ack! That was going to be the one I used next week! LOL...

sarge1875 said...

Here's mine, what a great re-make

The Old Man said...

I think I have seen that vid a million times Sarge! LOL. That is a really young Eddie indeed! Dave still looks stuck on himself tho! :-)

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