Friday, November 7, 2008

Practice day

Been practicing on lesson 6. The A & E Major Open Chords go alot faster than the D, the same as when I first learned them! LOL. Methinks that D is one of many rebels I will run into over time.

Fingers are still hurting, but I am hoping that is a good thing, and a sign of progress, that eventually one day, it will hurt less, which should make it easier? At least I hope.

Going to the RHM forums again to ask another question. These forums are quite nice to have! I just throw out question after question, and no one has yet to call me bothersome, a n00b, or told me a question was "stupid". So let us hope my luck doesn't run out, and I wear out my welcome!

Going to ask them about finger/hand exercising, devices, methods, etc...

Some time next week, I am going to order "Rock House Wired: Guitar Care + Repair" (DVD)

Seeing as there are no music stores nearby, or anyone one or thing that would be of assistance "shop wise", it might darn well come in handy to be able to at least do a little maintenance and small repairs on my own. It's only $13.00. A small investment compared to having to find someone, somewhere to do it.


MJK said...

...if someone calls you stupid, then you are on the wrong site. As long as I have been a member of the RHM family, I have felt like I belong.

From one Old Newbie to another, welcome and keep on sharing and coming back.

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