Friday, November 21, 2008

Practice day & EMT Notation Quick Guide and Prelude

Well, I got a little bit of practice in last night, but had other things to catch up on due to my committing the entire day to the WIRED DVD from RHM.

So far my practice routine (In order) currently consists of:

  • Practicing ALL Chords learned in prior lessons.
  • Practicing ALL Strumming patterns learned in prior lessons.
  • Practicing ALL Exercises learned in prior lessons.
  • Practicing lesson currently working on.
  • Reviewing key material in past Music Theory reading.
  • Continued reading in the new area of the Music Theory book I have yet to do.
By the time I get near the end of the DVD, I should be spending the entire practicing time reviewing the entire DVD! But that is what has always worked for me, like a child, tireless repetition beats it quite well into me. LOL

Soon, I am going to begin implementing the "Hands of Steel" exercises in the "Bonus Features" area of my beginner DVD. The RHM catalog area for acoustic guitar doesn't list it as a recommended product for the acoustic guitar, so I am going to assume that the free exercises included in the DVD are applicable to the acoustic guitar at a beginner level, or they wouldn't have wasted the time, energy, and money to put them in there huh?

They consist of three exercises:
  1. Picking Exercise
  2. One Hand Rolls
  3. Finger Frenzy
I am planning on starting them at Lesson 14, which is half way though the DVD.

C & G Major Open Chords are still doing good in practice today, and I am making inch by inch headway with the F Major Open Chord. It still has some fight left in it, but then again, so do I!

I started the Edly's Music Theory for Practical People today, and went through the Prelude and the Quick Guide to Notation. I know some folks like to skip through those little pre-instruction suggestions, notes, and comments by the writer, but I have found that most of the time, it tends to be the cornerstone of what the writer is trying to accomplish, and in this instance (like others) in did come in quite handy to get in the author's mindset before beginning. Tomorrow I start Chapter 1, so we can see what I have to say then.

And whats up with Rock House? They never answered my friend request over at YouTube I sent a while back? Granted, my vids aren't Dick Dale quality (Maybe in about 25 some years when I reach his age, I might be half as good as him!) but I am gettin there! LOL


MJK (Mike) said...

Great practice plan. I need to get me one of those.

Dick Dale. Great Name, Great Guitar, Great guitarist.

The Old Man said...

I've been a Dick Dale fan for as long as I can remember! 70 some years old, getting torn up by cancer, and that old man still hasn't flinched!

sarge1875 said...

I'll get you hooked up on you tube. Good plan on the practice.

The Old Man said...

Thanx Sarge!

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