Friday, November 14, 2008

Practice day & Window Shopping

Still on L#6 & 7 of course... Getting there quite slowly, but quite surely.

I started hunting around today on some of the suggestions for the electric guitar & amp that I will be getting in the Summer of 2009.

As I stated on the RHM Blog this morning... Charvel & Jackson are on the top of my list before all others, so there is no real need to investigate them until the time comes that I have gathered up everything else, and then begin the weeding out process. Whoever survives the weeding out process will have to go up against those two, to see what I end up with.

Today, and for the next few days, I will be looking over a guitar and amp that quite a few suggested after talking to them about what I might be looking for if I was going to go for a sound or genre that might be my second pick, or maybe something I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to admit to. So my current investigation involves:

These were suggested to me because of my love for Country & Surf music. Why? I have no idea, but that is what the majority went with overall, (And adamantly about the Surf music I might add.) so now it comes down to looking for reviews of the products, and customer testimonials. Les Paul & Marshall are next. (They were the "Jack of all Trade's" pick.)

I have no music store anywhere near me, so... Like the Taylor, the only thing I can do is go with the majority of positive feedback, and hope that all those that touted, were right after all.

The Taylor turned out to be a good choice, I do like it, and those that touted it were indeed right, so I am hoping they will all be right when the time comes to narrow it down to an electric. The only difference with this purchase, is that Charvel & Jackson will get a running start on all of the rest because of the exposure I had to them with my exploits in the 80's, so I will go into this biased. LOL

Oddly enough though, some (not all) of the old friends I talk to here and there, have a bitterness over Charvel & Jackson's association with Fender, but assured me that it was nothing about the product, just a personal beef. (They just wanted to get on the record with it, so as not to look like a Presidential election, where mud starts slinging, and folks dig up old bad blood. Silly indeed, but I do miss Southern California sometimes.) And besides, I lived in Ontario & Pomona, California for a while in the 80's, so other "local" considerations get thrown into my bias. :-)

All of the info I am researching now was collected before I came to RHM, so going there to ask folks in the forums will be my "last stop", and the beginning of my weeding out process.

No email yet on the Rock House Wired DVD & Edly Music Theory book being shipped yet, so I expect it won't be until Monday that they get on their way to me.


MJK said...

...already on to electrics? Nice choice on the electric guitar. I has so much GAS that I can exploded. I would like a new electric guitar but there are too many to choose from. Once I have had the time to progress in my studies, I will partake in the buying of a new guitar.

The Old Man said...

Just window shopping, will be at least a year before getting one.

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