Saturday, November 8, 2008

Practice day

Still working on the strumming rhythm of lesson 6, fingers still hurt, I imagine nothing new to anyone in the beginning stages.

I was doing my daily patrolling of the RHM website, when I made my way over to the "Ask The Teacher" section (Members Only area) And found quite a few places that had questions I was lining up to ask, that already had the answers I was looking for. Though I still have some questions left for the forums, that FAQ spot did wipe out about %60 of them.

Another thing I got out of that section of the website was a big boost in motivation! That alone is worth more than the price of the DVD itself! LOL

It was nice to see other folks asking the same exact thing I wanted to, and experiencing the same frustrations, and hurdles I am running up against. Lets me know I must be doing something right, if I am having the same issues.

I do have another question today about practice. I myself have been trying to practice 15 minutes at time, 4 times a day. 8am, noon, 4pm, 8pm. Anything more than 15 minutes, and my fingers hurt too much, and it just does no good. I tried to go beyond the 15 minutes at a time, and the pain just makes for blatant mistakes that I did not make minutes earlier, so I am staying with the tortoise theory, and just keep up the pace behind the hare. I will eventually catch him. :-) Also, with a wife and five daughters to deal with, I have to try and squeeze in what I can, when I can.

And of course, like everyone else I imagine, I tried to force the speed on, instead of letting it come naturally, and that was an instantaneous train wreck. Talk about the sloppiest, worst possible practice! LOL But c'mon, I had to at least try it, and it failed, like so many others probably found out themselves.

But I did learn something from that failed experiment, it was something that I also found in the question section.

I noticed that going from E to A, and from D to A was easier because I began to visualize to what and where I was going from E and D. So now I am trying to "get ready" to move to the next chord when I get around to the sixth strum, and have been trying to keep my fingers closer to the fret board, so there is less distance for them to travel, in the hopes of shortening the delay between chords.

I have been titling the body towards me a bit to see the strings, but that is going to have to stop according to one of the answers to the questions. I guess I am going to have to lean out a bit instead.


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