Sunday, November 23, 2008

EMT C#2 & Practice day

Chapter 2 of Edly's is "The Major Scale".

I read it and re-read it today, but I think I am going to read & re-read it again tomorrow, and comment on it tomorrow. There are a few things in there that need some absorption overnight, and then a worksheet to do in the morning, so I will do that, then talk on it.

Practice is going well with the C, G, & F now that I am no longer focused on the problem of the action. Concentrating on getting the fingering right will be just fine. In time I will adapt, so no need to beat myself to death over a circumstance that I cannot control at this point.

Been working on our website this weekend, adding a few things here and there, trying not to gett he sidebar too loaded down to where it loads too slow. I suppose I will be piddling with it every now and then, and if I make a noticeable enough change, I will pipe in about it here.

Been spending a little time here and there drumming up some traffic through a few sources, nothing in particular, but a few hits trickle in here and there.

Seeing as today is another short day on writing, I thought I would include some media at the end here, so here is Scarlett Rose showing off her current artwork...

And since I left a scathing Metallica comment on the net today, here is a little hair metal for ya Lars...


Deka Detaro said...

Well thank you for your comments at my blog. And have a nice practice of your guitar lesson. Wish you'll be expert soon.
How about if we do link exchange?
Thx again..

The Old Man said...

I would be more than happy to!

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