Thursday, November 13, 2008

While I was up feeding the baby at 4:30 am. LOL

I had decided to stop by the RHM forums just for the heck of it, only to find that being "outgoing" in my posts might not go over very well with some.

It appears that I might just be better off sticking to the mission of gleaning information as it relates to guitar instruction, as opposed to "just being myself".

With the curse of youth being, "the illusion that the universe as ones supplicant, remains in orbit about ones self", it might be pretty hard for me to show any humor on certain subjects. I imagine it would benefit me more to simply gather the relevant data needed, and depart quickly until the next occasion arises that I am in need of said resource.

I may indeed be ignorant on the use of guitar, but I doubt the 3 children I have successfully raised and have ventured out on their own, or the 5 children I still have at home, or the Masters degree I have in my past occupation, or my extensive travels of the world qualifies me as one who is lacking in life experience overall. :-)

But, such is the curse of the aged, "Having to wait on the curse of youth to be lifted before you can get your point across." LOL


MJK said...

Hey Old Man,

Do what you think or feel is right. I am only 36+ years old and at this time of my life, I need to be outgoing and "just being myself". Life is too short to waste on others. I learned that lesson the hard way in dealing with my brother (PTSD) and his wife. [Side Bar-I think she is the only person that I can truly say that I hate.] Minus your immediate family, if there are no others, I am here for you.

The Old Man said...

Thanx MJK. I try to be outgoing, but neither am I interested in debating over a funny quip I might make. I too have much to do, and little time to do it in, so luxuries like "1-2-3, Not-It!" are pretty low on the priority list! LOL

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