Monday, November 24, 2008

Practice day & EMT C#2 conclusion

About got lesson 8 wrapped up, and will move on to lesson 9 tomorrow.

Seeing as I have been having a hard time going back and forth between right and left leg in the sitting position, I am going to do my practicing while standing for as long as I can, ad see how that pans out. Been working on the song, and I have got the intro pretty well down. (Not much to it except for a bunch of "G's" going down, and a few up's. But it's at least a start!)

Chapter 2 of Edly's is "The Major Scale", as I said yesterday, and I learned:

  • The C - D - E flat major Scales
  • Constructing major Scales
  • Flats & Sharps never mix in a Major Scale
  • About Double Sharps & Double Flats
There were a few workpages having to do with constructing scales, and making transpositions from one Major Scale. A few other subjects were touched on lightly, only to prepare for more detailed information about them in later chapters.


Lapa37 said...

Glad to hear your moving right along with the guitar.Sorry it took me so long to get the e credits to you.You did get them right?Good luck with the rest of your lessons.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

The Old Man said...

Thank You Lapa, and I did indeed get the credits! Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day as well!

Deka Detaro said...

Hello there..
Now i put you at my blogroll.
Thx for the link exchange.
And sure i drop your EC too..

The Old Man said...

Thanx Deka. I love your posts, and do enjoy stopping by to drop and read the latest...

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