Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Practice day

I have the D Major Open Chord down now. So that completes the learning of all three in lesson 5.

Time to work on my speed between the three of them, as well as trying to move between them without having to look as much, before moving on to lesson 6.

I have to go to the RHM forums today to ask a question about speed before moving on to the next lesson, so I will see what answers I get.

My question is: "Do I need to be as fast as the instructor before being able to move on?" That might go either way, but some factors are involved that I wonder are relevant this early in the learning process, such as: Finger strength, Dexterity, Experience. My guess is that I am not expected to keep up with John this early in the game, but to at least get a steady flow of movement. So off I go to ask, and we shall see what they say?


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