Friday, December 12, 2008

LRAG-BEG - L# 10

Lesson 10 : Reading Tablature

This was quite the short lesson on the DVD, and it has an example page in the booklet. There is really not much that the instructor can do for you in this lesson, but explain the tab, and what and where everything is. In essence, it is up to the student to sit down and get it down, hence the reason it was in and out! LOL


sarge1875 said...

lol...a new adventure, don't take this one too lightly.

The Old Man said...

Oh, by no means. Taking it lightly would simply hinder me in the future. There really isn't much to comment on in this lesson, it all comes down to me sitting down, and taking the time to get it down. John can't do much in the way of me making sure I know it or don't! LOL

Thanx Sarge for reminding me tho!

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