Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EMT C#5 & Practice day

Edly's Chapter 5 was on Chords: Triads

Finally something I am having hands on experience with whilst reading about! LOL So I have learned a few things the last day and a half...

  • I know what a Chord is, and what it is made up of.
  • A Triad is a 3 note chord.
  • I see where "intervals" are applied now.
  • I know what arpeggiating a chord is.
  • Chords are derived from scales.
  • You can build chords by stacking intervals.
Chord names are separated into two parts, the chord root, and the chord suffix.
  • The root tells you what note the chord is built upon.
  • The suffix tells you the chord type.
There are many types of chords...
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Seventh
  • Major Ninth
  • Minor Eleventh Flat Five
Just to name a few of them. If a chord has NO suffix, then it is a Major triad, so unless something else is specified, then it is a Major. So taking the first, third, and fifth note of a scale, and stack them up, you get a Major triad. You can also count the half steps between the notes to see if it is a major. There should be four half steps from the root to the third, and three half steps from the third to the fifth note.

Lowering the top note of a major interval by a half step makes it a minor interval. There are also three other triads:
  1. Diminished - Everything except the root of the chord is lowered.
  2. Augmented - The fifth is raised
  3. Suspended
Sounds of chords can be described somewhat:
  • Major sounds happy, heroic, or strong.
  • Minor sounds sad, lonesome, or haunting.
  • Diminished sound suspenseful and haunting.
  • Augmented are dreamy, strange, and eerie.
  • Suspended just plain leaves you hanging.
Practice is going much better now that I have turned the routine around 180 degrees. Luckily Sarge easily figured out what was wrong, and adapting was quite simple. Using strumming pattern two on chords I already know helps out quite a bit with lesson 9.

The humidifier arrived today as well, that is a relief to finally have that here, and able to use. I certainly don't want that new guitar in a shambles before I actually get a chance to learn it! Still waiting on the two other products from RHM, I expect them here by Saturday at the latest.


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