Thursday, December 11, 2008

Freaking F Finally! & EMT C# 10

Practice is going quite well indeed. I have moved from practicing, to playing the majority of what I am doing now. And it does make this whole journey much more satisfying, when I can see and feel the progress for myself.

After an extensive war with the "F" Chord, I have emerged victorious! So I thought a video was in order to celebrate, and discuss its place early on in the method.

Edly's Music Theory Chapter 10

"iim, iiim, vim, and vii┬║ Chords... Intro to Chord Substitution"

This is a short chapter that discusses the remaining four diatonic chords.

Each of these chords shares two of its three notes with at least one of the diatonic major chords. So since they have notes in common, they can be somewhat interchangeable. The more notes shared by the chord, the more consonant the sound.

And I just learned that new word up there. LOL Which means "pleasant, resolved, and stable". Its opposite is Dissonant, which means "tense, unresolved, and unstable." But the author made sure to remind us that the descriptions are only relative, and what may be ones man's junk, may be another man's treasure. :-)

There were a few examples of substitutions given, and the most used example was "Oh Susannah". A couple of daitonic progressions were shown, with the most discussed being one that that shows up in "doo-wop" songs of the 50's. The roles of the chords themselves will be discussed in Chapter 14, hense the reason this chapter was short.


sarge1875 said...

Ha Ha .... you beat the f'n f chord. congrats. What this does is start to prepare you for full barr chords. YOu're doing great and your attidude toward learninf is second to none. Onward and upward!

The Old Man said...

Thanks alot Sarge! After that F, I am ready to take on anything John throws at me!

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