Saturday, December 20, 2008

Practice day & The latest round the ways...

So basically I have been doing little with Lesson 11 the last few days because of the personal issues, so today I am moving the primary focus back to Lesson 11 as much as possible, but still keep the rest of my routine working without having to look. :-)

Still holding off on HOS, & EMT for now. A full plate is the last thing I need for the next few days, so I am just going to stick to what I have got going already. Maybe after hearing what the doctor has to say, I can decide further on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

A nice storm came in last night, so I thought a few pics for my So. Cal friends that are lurking about would be nice...

Here it was yesterday afternoon before the storm arrived:
Here it was at around 12:30 AM as the snow was still coming in:
And here it was this morning when we got up and outside:
Picked up an extra foot or so, not bad...

And to think...
I was listening to whining last night over the phone
because they are freezing down in San Diego at 64 degrees.
Sissies. LOL


sarge1875 said...

Hey your yard looks like mine, had to push the wife
s car up the street yesterday.

The Old Man said...

And its still snowing now, hasn't let up a bit yet!

Creativestudent said...

Hello!! Just stopped by your blog to have a read and say hello!! Like what I see and will be back again soon!!! If you get a minute stop by my blog at and have a read and maybe leave a comment! I am in the midsts of attempting to write a short novel so let me know what you think!

Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soooooooon!


betchai said...

nice pictures, though i do not think i can endure and live with it if it is in my own home :) just too much work.

yeah, san diegans are spoiled, 60s is freezing and 80s are heat wave :) they are so used to good life :)

on the other hand, i had a student from there who transferred here and our school's heater broke down, he could not take the high 50s without heater for the whole day, and demanded for the school to be stopped :) and he was the only one who complained about it not having heater in school, i guess, we are too poor now here due to all CA budget cuts :(

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