Thursday, January 1, 2009

Practice day, a wheel, a foot & a disappointment...

Ok, so I put in the order for "The Chord Wheel", but it won't be available until 01-19-09, so I will have to wait a bit for that to arrive.

Practice has been slow going, the old feet have been in some dire pain, so I don't get as much time to concentrate on anything much but child rearing, agony, and trying to live my life 5 minutes at a time. :-(

The CD arrived today... "John McCarthy/Drive" and I must say I was disappointed. It did not come "Autographed" as it was described on the sales page. So for that little hose, I am knocking down my review from 4 stars, to 3 stars. (Sorry John, but ya gotta live up to your promises to get the 4 stars.) I guess there is someone to blame out there, maybe the supplier, maybe not. But I am not going to snivel. I got it for the music, and the music was what I got. The value added clip was a sad happening, but again, at least the CD was in good condition. (And I removed the banner off of the bottom of the page. Sorry again John, I can't tout what isn't living up to what it offers.)

Don't get me wrong, I am still RHM %100 for guitar method, but like I said in my review of the music cd, I am much more harsh in that area. LOL

Going to read up on the latest Edly's, and get some decent practice in tomorrow, so I will have a much more positive post next time. :-)


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