Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No practice, but EMT C#14 completed...

No practice as of yet today. The wife had to go to the hospital, so my focus is on the child rearing alone so far. When she does get home, (later tonight I hope) I can start to squeeze in what I can, with what time I have left. Maybe after typing this, (whilst spying on the kids at the same time) I can do a bit of practicing in the living room with the kids, who knows.

But I did get a chance to read, and re-read, and re-read again: Edly's Music Theory Chapter 14 "Diatonic Chords and Functions"

This chapter dealt with diatonic sevenths, as well as diatonic triads.

It discussed diatonic chord functions in major keys, the chord families, their triads, and various extensions...

  • The tonic (I)
  • The dominant (V)
  • The V7 Chord
  • The subdominant's (IV)
  • The supertonic(iim)
  • The mediant (iiim( and submediant (vim) The leading tone or subtonic (vii°)
The song "Oh Susannah" was used as an example of usage.

Diatonic chord functions in minor keys were also discussed...
  • The mediant
  • The dominant
  • The Flat VII
Greensleeves was the song used as an example for them.

There was a few diagrams, as well as a Diatonic seventh chords chart to be filled in. I am getting a little better as we go along in filling out these charts! LOL


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