Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practice day

Been getting back up to speed as of late, but still somewhat behind from where I should have been if it had not been for the interruptions.

Getting a little better at hitting the two strings only, still need to look at the old hands of course for now. Been trying to implement Sarge's suggestions as best as I can so far, working a bit better. It was hard at first, because it was something new, but like the rest, as soon as I get used to it, then it will be just fine. Hopefully I will have a video update this weekend sometime.

Got an email about the chord wheel I ordered, it was on backorder for 1/19/09 shipping, but the shipping date has been moved back to 1/30/09 because of the manufacturer being late on their end of the shipping. No biggie, that was going to be more of a tool used with RHM's chord book, so I am in no real hurry or panic.


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