Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Practice day & A doctor's visit...

Practice is now picking up after today's visit with the doctor.

My medication was changed from 15 mg MSIR Q6 to 5mg Oxycodone Q4-6. It does indeed work much better, but its usage will be short lived because of the possibility of addiction. I have been on the medication in the past, and historically I have voluntarily DC'd it after a certain time of use, to avoid becoming dependent on it.

My hope is that I can squeeze in as much healing as possible before separating myself from it. And then I will have to go back to adapting to the pain as best as possible. :-)

So the way I see it, I have roughly 15-22 days of practicing like a madman until I begin to slip back into a much slower practice regime. I am hoping that by this weekend, I will have a video update of how the learning process is coming along.

Tomorrow I will have an update on the latest chapter in Edly's Music theory. Got an email from Musicians Friend telling me that the Chord Wheel is officially on back order, and they will let me know when it comes in, and is shipped out.


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