Monday, January 5, 2009

Practice day & EMT C#13

Edly's Music Theory, Chapter 13: Chords: 7ths (& 6ths)

Been a while since I got back to this book, and luckily for me and my current condition, this was a short chapter, that will be re-visited later on in the book.

Four note chords include various seventh chords (seventh, major seventh, minor seventh, and so on.) and two sixth chords (sixth and minor sixth)

To make a seventh chord, we are simply adding a seventh, or lowered seventh, to the three notes which make up a triad, which we read about a few chapters ago.

An example built on C would be:

major 7th ................... C - E - G - B
sixth ........................... C - E - G - A

Most of the chapter was review, and a reminder that this will be re-visited, along with worksheets for chord building practice, as well as a number of charts giving examples, and usage.

As for practice, it is still slow going. I imagine it will be that way until Tuesday morning, when I see the doctor, and get a change in medication, or an increase in dosage of the medication I am already taking. Or... He might just say, "Oh well, too bad. No more medication, if what you have isn't working now." Ya never know with this old boy.

The playing without looking at my hands is still slow going, but I surmise that it is that way because of the lack of practice time as well. But I am still looking at my hands for the current lesson. I will add that to the "no-lookie" regime when I move on to the next lesson.


sarge1875 said...

Keep me posted on what the doc says!

The Old Man said...

I will indeed Sarge. I feel kinda bad that I have run into these problems. I was on such a roll, only to fall into this horrid hole. Can't say I am surprised, this health business was the reason I set the drums aside for good in the first place.

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