Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Practice day & EMT C#18

Practice has been moving forward, slowly but surely, time increasing with each day as my fingers get used to getting back to normal. I am hoping to get a video up for Lesson 12 this weekend, and then we can discuss Lesson #13 from there.

I got one answer at YouTube about my problem, and I am still awaiting Sarge from RHM to email me his thoughts. So when I get that, we can address them both here.

Edly's Chapter 18: "Transposition"

Transposition is simply changing the key of a melody, a chord progression, or even an entire song. You would do it maybe to put the song within a singer's vocal range, or maybe a certain instruments best playing range. The basic way of doing it is to use the chromatic scale, and move the notes the same number of half-steps up or down. An example would be if you had a man and a woman singing together, you could move the man's melody an octave lower in their duet.

Multiple examples and charts were given throughout the lesson for both vocals and instruments.


Cynthia said...

Hi, again, here is the address to the follower I mentioned. He´s the one who also studies music and is a musician. If you click on his Youtube video on the sidebar, I think it will lead you to his other music related sites. Or you could leave a comment. :-)

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