Sunday, January 25, 2009

Practice day & EMT C#17

Practice has been picking up in duration, but I see it will be a bit before I return to my regular routine. The time spent lagging has allowed the calluses on my fingers to somewhat dissipate, so now I am back to them being sore again! But that is ok... There is no race here, so I don't mind working my way back to where I was when the chaos began. I can withstand some length of time throughout the day, but as I said, will need to work on numbing those fingers again, to get back to normal. I feel good just for the fact that I am on the road back to where I left off, so this setback only strengthens my resolve to keep on with being faithful about not getting frustrated, especially when it is due to circumstances that I have little to no control over.

Even though it was the wife's accident that had caused me the setback, it has been her that has been the biggest encouragement to stay the course, and get back on the right track! Her support through this, as well as my daughters getting excited about me practicing with them watching is quite the lucky thing to have available to me.

For those out there that might be reading, if you are having a tough time with your guitar, or with practice, let me know! I have a lot of gratitude for my circumstances, and I would be more than happy to give some moral support and encouragement to those that might be looking for some. :-)

I haven't posted a pic in a while, so I thought I would show you what happened to everyone's favorite shortcut to get on the other side of the main street (behind the post office by cutting between buildings) when there is no one to shovel the neighborhood goat paths.

Now all of us poor souls have to go to one end of the street or the other to get around to the back of the town. It may seem trivial to you, but to those of used to trudging through the snow, it is a pain in the arse! LOL

Edly's Chapter 17: "Secondary Dominants and Other Secondary Chords"

I will be blunt on this lesson...

I am lost. I read, I re-read, and although I can see what the author is getting at, I am at a loss trying to explain it to you! (Now this is a first!) I am not going to dwell on my being baffled with this, because this is only a part of the whole, and I don't want to get frustrated with not being a "music theory genius". I am in this for the fun, and the enjoyment of the music (the guitar), so lets just say I did what I could with it, and it will be ok. I am not going to die because I am a little stumbly on a subject, I will just keep, keeping on, and enjoy the journey that RHM and Edly is taking me through.

Who knows, maybe someone can dumb down this a bit, and give us the 30 second synopsis about this subject, so there is no gap left in my written journey. If not, then we shall just move along with a smile!


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