Saturday, January 24, 2009

Practice day & EMT C#16

Practice picked up a little today. Spent more time on past lessons then I did the current one. I found that I was a little rusty on the prior chords, so I felt taking a day to go over them wouldn't hurt, its not like I am in the biggest hurry in the world, so I blew out a few cobwebs today. Will hopefully be able to work my way back to the regular amount of time I was spending before the chaos...

Edly's Chapter 16: "Intervals For Ear Training"

There was not much to this chapter beyond "Ear Training Methods", which in the end comes down to my ear, and using it! LOL

Melodic intervals can either be ascending or descending. The general sound of various intervals can be "Hollow" like bagpipes, or chants. Or they can be "Sweet" and sound more flowery and pretty. They can be Consonant (stable) or Dissonant (unstable).

An interval reference-tune chart was given with different examples...


Cynthia said...

Ear're taking a course. One of my followers Passion4blue might have a lot in common with you. (If you follow his links because the blog he uses for's new.)My husband also plays guitar.

The Old Man said...

@Cynthia... I am indeed in the middle of a music theory course while learning to play the guitar as well. If your husband has a weblog, or does any writing anywhere about his guitar playing, I would love to read it. I am in the process of learning to play the guitar after decades of playing drums, so it has been a whole new world for me. I will check on your website to find your follower, and see his weblog as well.

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