Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Sarge at the Rock House Hospital

So I was having a problem that needed a diagnosis, to see what I was doing wrong, and how I could correct it...

And like the faithful folks they are over at "The Rock House Method", Dr. Sarge steps up and quickly diagnoses the problem, and writes up a scrip for the proper medication. Lets take a look at it shall we? Hopefully this will be of some help for others on this road as well..

Hey Guy

Ok dude here's the scoop...

In pic 1: First notice that I have a couple fingers anchored to the body of the guitar. I do this to help control how far my hand actually travels down (or up) the strings. You can practice this just playing the first and second notes of the blues progression, Once you get a feel for it go ahead and move to the chord.

Pic 2:
After strumming the chords it's hard to see but I use the heel of my hand and touch it to the top strings that are not supposed to make sounds. An important thing to remember though is that they will sound some which is ok. You'll hear a thump kind of sound when you mute them. This would be an example of palm muting.

Pic 3:
Notice how on the strings under the one I have pressed to play the note that the finger lays on top of it? I'm not actually pressing it down to make it sound out but rather muting that lower string with the finger.

Using these techniques and practicing them should help you make a better sound but it will take some time and patience before it all comes together.


So obviously I will be implementing this, and I will let us all know down the road how it is coming out!

Thanx Again Sarge!


Dy-sphoric said...

"First notice that I have a couple fingers anchored to the body of the guitar."

It took me several months to realize that I could anchor my fingers to the guitar. I always thought that it was a bad habit. I know now and especially after practicing that it does help.

Frye said...

Great techniques. I always anchored my strumming hand on the body without thinking about it. Glad to hear it's a legit technique. hehe

I really didn't care anyway, it always worked for me and I was running with it! Rock on!

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