Sunday, February 1, 2009

Practice day & EMT C#19

Still on the path to getting back to where I was. Spent this practice concentrating specifically on Lesson #12. I think I am going to do that all the way up to the next video, that way I can get myself back on track with the lessons themselves, and then switch back over to the entire practice regime as a whole.

Edly's Chapter 19: "Cadences"

Cadences occur at the end of a phrase, or at the end of part of a phrase. A cadence consists of two or more chords that interrupt the harmonic momentum. They can be temporary, or arrive at a conclusion. The example "Oh Susannah" was used again as a reference.

There are different cadences:

  • full cadence
  • half cadence
  • plagal cadence
  • deceptive cadence


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