Friday, October 31, 2008

Ground Zero

The delivery came today, not bad. But it did come from a warehouse pretty close to me, so one day is still excellent. LOL

So here is the opening shot of day one! The wife is filming, and Savannah Rose & Delta Rose are the color commentators. (Dixie Rose & Scarlett Rose are in school, and Georgia Rose is in the crib asleep.) I know I look like hell, but if my stage presence is going for the 'Walking Corpse" look, then I have it in the bag already! You know Iron Maiden's "Eddie" must be jealous... But seeing as today is "Halloween", I can always play it off as, "That was the look I was going for."

Registered the DVD's at RHM, and the guitar with Taylor, and commented at AMS on the received products. Time to start on the first DVD. C-Ya 2morrow with the results of the first lessons!


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